How to Polish Floorboards

Are you trying to figure out how to polish floorboards yourself? The process is super easy. In fact, if you decide to get a professional floor sander to do the sanding for you, you may be able to get a cheaper rate per m2 if you do the polish the floorboards yourself.

Make sure your floor has been sanded properly and thoroughly cleaned so that there is no dust or dirt anywhere in the room. If dust gets into your timber floor polish, it will affect the finish.

How to polish floorboards – what you need

To polish your timber floorboards you will need a floor polish, usually referred to as a ‘finish’. I use a Feast Watson product which you can find at any major hardware store. You also need a large paintbrush and a roller with extension handle. The roller should have a 1/4 inch pile – this is the best for smooth surfaces. Sometimes the pile is also referred to as ‘nap’. In this case you need a roller with a short nap.

How to polish floorboards – the process

how to polish floorboards - rollerFirst of all you need to apply the first coat which will act as a sealer. Use your paintbrush to apply the finish around the edges first. Where possible, try to go with the grain of the wood. This will help the finish get into all the nooks and crannies. Once the edges are done, grab the roller with the long handle and do the rest of the floor – remembering to go with the grain.

After letting the finish dry, repeat the process two more times. Remember to let the finish dry in between applications. By the next day you will be able to walk across the floor if necessary, but it is best to keep the traffic down for about a week to give the finish time to set properly.

So there you go, you know how to polish floorboards now! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below or get in touch with me directly. If you get me to do your floorboards, I can stain the floor to be as light or as dark as you like it. On my Google+ page you can see examples of both light and dark finishes. All the best on your DIY project!