How long will it take?

At least three days but depending on the size could be four or five days.

Is there much dust?

Not as much as you would think. Most of my customers are surprised at how little dust there is. There is an exception, on very uneven floors or floors with glue there will be more dust as the dust collection system on the edger won’t work as efficiently, but in general the amount of dust is no higher than with skirting boards. (no dust flying in the air)

Do you fill gaps in boards?

Gaps running with the boards should never be filled. As you walk on the floor the boards move very slightly and as a result anything put in gaps will work its way out eventually.

How much does floor sanding and polishing cost?

Prices start at $28m2 (plus GST) to $36m2 (plus GST) – it all depends on the condition of the boards and the coating used.