Floor Sanding in Brisbane – Calculate the Cost

Looking to do floor sanding in Brisbane? Before you make any decisions, it’s vital that you calculate the costs. Here is a breakdown of the facts you need to know whether your are hiring someone or doing it yourself.

Cost of Floor Sanding Services in Brisbane

If you are looking to hire someone to sand your floors, you will see that prices vary a fair bit between providers. Ask pointed questions when requesting a quote to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. This will protect you against nasty surprises from unscrupulous service providers (sad to say they do exists). For most floor sanding projects, the floor needs to be sanded with different types of sandpaper and the floor coated with 3 coats of polish. The standard coatings (polish) used are solvent-based polyurethane. Water-based coatings are a tad more expensive.

Floor Sanding BrisbaneSome floor sanding guys in Brisbane will charge over $30m2. I have seen some advertise as low as $25m2. The thing to consider is that the cheapest isn’t always the best, and neither is the most expensive for that matter! You will see that I charge $30m2 (+GST). That is for sanding and polishing with three coats of solvent-based polyurethane . You can rest assured that with more than 16 years of experience behind me I do a great job. I’ve got a heap of reviews from customers to prove it too. I pride myself in my work so much that I back it up with an iron-clad price guarantee which you can ask me about.

So to sum up the cost of floor sanding in Brisbane for an older, large family room or dining room of 32m2, you are looking at spending $960(+GST) – if you use me that is. No hassle or fuss. And a great price for a professional floor sander in Brisbane.

Cost of DIY Floor Sanding in Brisbane

Some people have a knack for DIY and are looking into doing their own floor sanding. No worries – I respect that too. It is still important to calculate the costs and weigh up the pros and cons. Needless to say, doing your own floor sanding will cost less than hiring a floor sanding service. Here is a break down of what you could expect to pay.

Bunnings has a floor sander you can hire at $49 for 4 hours. You would have to be a whiz to get the job done in 4 hours, unless you have done it before and have prepared well. So you are looking at spending about $100 on hiring the floor sander for a day. You will also need an orbital sander to do the edges, which Bunnings hires out for about $50 per day. You’re better off buying one for that matter as the cheapest one is about $50. The sandpapers you need are about $15 for a pack of 5 sandpaper belts. The orbital sandpaper is about $7 per pack of 6. Because you need to use 3 different grits, you are looking at spending around $100 on the sandpaper. You will also need to buy a few other things for the preparation of the job, so you could easily add another $100 for these things.

So do the floor sanding yourself here in Brisbane, you are looking at spending at least $350 to do the same 32m2 room mentioned above. But you need to keep in mind that many have tried doing it themselves and run into all sorts of problems and ended up costing themselves more than this in equipment hire and other expenses. Some caused costly damage to their floor and others gave up and got a professional service in to do it for them. Doing it yourself also takes much longer than hiring a professional floor sander, and the quality will rarely be as good.

Even if you were to get your floors professionally sanded every 10 years, it is costing you less than $2 per week to get a 32m2 floor sanded for you. But if you really need to save some money, maybe you could use me to sand your floors and then put the polish/coating on yourself.

So there you are, the cost of floor sanding in Brisbane. The prices I’ve mentioned here are bound to change over time, so please view it as a guide only. If you are going to go ahead and do the floor sanding yourself, make sure you read the other articles on this site as they will help you save time and avoid common mistakes. If you have any issues, please feel free to leave a comment below or give me a call. If you are looking for floor sanding in Brisbane, I would love to hear from you!