Timber Floor Repairs

Do you need timber floor repairs done? Although I mainly focus on Floor Sanding and Polishing in the Brisbane area, I can also do some timber floor repairs. However, I thought you would like to know how the repairs can be done yourself. This article will discuss how small dents and scratches can be removed continue reading . . .

How to Polish Floorboards

Are you trying to figure out how to polish floorboards yourself? The process is super easy. In fact, if you decide to get a professional floor sander to do the sanding for you, you may be able to get a cheaper rate per m2 if you do the polish the floorboards yourself. Make sure your continue reading . . .

Floor Sanding in Brisbane – Calculate the Cost

Polishing Wood Floors

Looking to do floor sanding in Brisbane? Before you make any decisions, it’s vital that you calculate the costs. Here is a breakdown of the facts you need to know whether your are hiring someone or doing it yourself. Cost of Floor Sanding Services in Brisbane If you are looking to hire someone to sand continue reading . . .

How to Sand a Floor

how to sand a floor - first stage

After all the articles I’ve written on how to prepare for floor sanding, you now need to know how to sand a floor. The sanding phase can be broken down into 3 phases – rough sanding, medium sanding, and fine sanding. The process required through each of these phases is discussed in this article along continue reading . . .

Floor Sanding Tips

Indoor Sanding Wood Floors

If you are planning on sanding your own timber floors, here are a few floor sanding tips you will be sure to appreciate. In my previous post on floor sanding machines, I mentioned that sanding floors can kick up some dust. This is because the vacuum bag on the floor sander can’t pick up all continue reading . . .

Wood Floor Sanding – Getting the Right Machines

wood floor sandinghow to sand a floor - portable edge sander - edge sander

Wood floor sanding all by yourself? You will need to make sure you get the right machines for the job, and learn how to use them. So get out your notepad and start, well, note taking! Wood Floor Sanding – The Floor Sander   A floor sander could set you back thousands of dollars if continue reading . . .

Sanding Floorboards – Cleaning, Clearing and Patching

Sanding Floorboards - Protruding Nail Heads

Sanding floorboards by yourself may seem easy, but there is some vital first steps to take care of before you whip out the sander and start tearing up the floor! In fact, if you were to just dive in and start sanding straight away, there is a chance you will tear up the sander – continue reading . . .

Sanding Floors – Tools, Materials and Safety

Polishing for Wooden Floors

Sanding floors interests you? Maybe you have found yourself staring at an unsightly timber floor every time you walk inside your house. Now it’s time to take action. A restored timber floor can transform your old worn house into a fresh and beautiful home. If you are thinking of undertaking the task yourself, there are continue reading . . .